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Welcome to San Diego Navy Attorney. San Diego Navy Attorney is a leading military lawyer. Our legal team comprises of experienced military lawyers.

They quit from active duty military law careers at the prime to follow their passion for offering the best possible military trial defense services to military personnel worldwide.

We are devoted to providing a civilian military defense attorney team with the passion, experience, training, and unique approach to dedicate all their effort and energy to defend the marines, airmen, sailors, and soldiers of the United States, stationed in the country and worldwide.

We have the best team to fight for those who fight for us.

About San Diego Navy Attorney

San Diego Navy Attorney is a military defense lawyer located in San Diego, California. Our attorneys have successfully won court-martial cases for service members in different branches of the military.

If you are a UCMJ crime suspect or confronted with Article 15, admin discharge, show cause board, or reprimand letter, we can guide you in the right way.

When you hire a civilian defense attorney from our legal team, then you can rest assured that you have access to military law experts who’ll wisely guide you at every step of your case.

Our civilian military law team includes court martial attorneys, navy defense attorneys, marine corps defense lawyers, court martial appeal lawyers, and security clearance lawyers, among others.

Military Attorney in San Diego
Court Martial Navy Attorney

Legal Battles Affect You, Your Family, and Your Squadron.

Protect those you love most and get the best military legal defense team in San Diego, California, to back you.

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Military Defense Attorney Services.

You can call every attorney in San Diego, but we know that you will come back to San Diego Navy Attorney! When it comes to real results dealing with complicated legal situations in the military, we are here to represent our clients.

Court Martial Attorney

San Diego Navy Attorney has successfully represented US military personnel posted worldwide and won court martial cases for them.

Contact our court martial attorneys right away if you are confronted with a reprimand letter, show cause board, Article 15, admin discharge, or suspected of a UCMJ crime such as a sexual assault.

A competent court martial attorney can give you the right guidance and help you out in the best manner. Do not feel uncertain of the future, if you are a suspect or accused of an offense, contact us immediately to know the best way to handle the circumstances.

Civilian Military Defense Lawyer

When you enlist a civilian military defense lawyer from San Diego Navy Attorney, you’ll have access to a military law expert during all the stages of the investigation. We’ll advise and instruct you with the wisest steps to take or not take.

You should know that once a service member enlists a civilian defense lawyer and provides a representation notice to the command, neither law enforcement nor command can interrogate or interview that service member. It can only be conducted when the civilian defense attorney gives consent to such an interview.

You can entirely avoid the possible consequences that you could face in a lengthy court-martial case if you and your lawyer prevail at the trial.

Military Attorney

A court-martial is not a fair fight as the government goes great lengths for investigating, prosecuting, and finding you guilty. Consequently, you could lose everything that you have accomplished after working hard all your life.

Everything is at stake, your military career, your future, and your freedom. We’ll provide you with the best military attorney who’ll bring about the best possible outcome.

Our military attorney team has members that have served in the JAG corps before becoming civilian lawyers. They have experienced courts-martial from the side of both the defense and prosecution. We have military law expertise to fight your case aggressively.


When it comes to representing our clients, nothing matters more than your happiness, rights, and well-being. San Diego Navy Attorney understands the risks and challenges that face you and we are hear to represent you no matter your case or your background.

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How Much Does a Military Defense Attorney Cost?

If you are a service member who is facing a serious charge such as manslaughter, sexual assault, insubordination, or desertion, then a question like how much does a military defense lawyer cost should be the least of your worries. Hiring the right civilian military attorney can make all the difference in your defense and the outcome of your case.

The civilian lawyer team at San Diego Navy Attorney has years of experience in military law cases. We don’t back down from challenges during cross-examination and are confident in our abilities to provide you with the best defense support. Hiring us to represent you will be a worthwhile investment.

Navy Defense Lawyer

At San Diego Navy Attorney, our military law attorneys will do everything to provide you with aggressive representation.

Many of our navy defense lawyers are ex-JAG officers who know the military system and are prepared to advocate for your rights.

If you face the grave situation of a court-martial, your only option is protecting yourself in every way possible. We fight for our clients with a passion that separates us from the rest.

We have successfully handled and won cases for countless clients. Now we want to help you find justice.

Our civilian military lawyers have the perfect combination of talent, know-how, expertise, and experience to put up the best defense for you.

Marine Corps Defense Attorney

An experienced marine corps defense attorney can make all the differences in the outcome of your case.

If you are a marine who is facing a court martial in the USMC, then our legal team will bring the best back up support to your case.

We’ll fight for the most favorable outcome for you. Our legal team has years of military justice experience.

We have fought for military service members posted worldwide and have the expertise to understand your predicament.

An unfavorable outcome following a court martial can harm your career and life. However, we won’t let that happen to you.

Navy Court of Criminal Appeals

The Navy Court of Criminal Appeals handles the court martial cases for navy personnel. It corrects legal errors, or excessive sentences served to a navy service member found guilty.

It also reviews the court-martials that have passed punishments such as imprisonment for a year or more, dishonorable discharge, or the death penalty.

The Navy Court of Criminal Appeals will give a defendant automatic entitlement to get their case reviewed by an appellate.

The appellate practice at San Diego Navy Attorney comprises experienced court martial appeal lawyers that’ll help you with the best possible appeal outcome. Our legal team will build strong support for your case.

Timely Defense

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Court-Martial Appeals in San Diego California


San Diego Navy Attorney has the best court martial appeal attorney to help you overturn a case and restore your rights. You have to be extremely careful and prudent while choosing a court martial appeal lawyer because it’s your last chance to win a case.

An able court martial lawyer can help you make the case in your favor. We have countless victories and success stories to our credit. We’ll work with you closely at every stage to prepare the best defense.

Our civilian-military attorneys have the skill to discover hitherto unknown facets that help as new evidence to work the case.

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Security Clearance Lawyer

Our security clearance lawyer team has been hand-picked to offer the most comprehensive and elite representation. They are well-versed with the government’s procedure in screening service members for security clearances and have assisted many individuals in preparing for this process.

Military Security Clearance

The team has the necessary background ad experience. We’ll do everything possible to work hard for the successful resolution of your security clearance matter.

Security Clearance in the Navy

San Diego Navy Attorney has experience with nearly every agency that examines or deals with judgments and investigation of clearances.

This includes NASA, NSA, CIA, TSA, DHS, DoE, DoJ, DoS, DOHA, OPM, DISCO, DSS, DoD, and every branch of Central Adjudication or service.


Are you looking for someone to represent your Court-Martial?

San Diego Navy Attorney holds the Gold Standard when it comes to representing Navy Personnel or Civilians.

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San Diego Navy Attorney

Military Lawyer in San Diego.

San Diego Navy Attorney has the best military lawyer services that can help with your legal matters if you are former military personnel with veteran status, military reservists, or active-duty military personnel.

The military justice system in the United States of America is unique. Our team of military lawyers knows the military justice system in and out and has served every facet. Our lawyers comprise both former and retired JAGS and civilians.

Our practice is San Diego based, but our military attorneys travel all over the world to offer highly attentive and experienced representations for our clients.

Military Attorney in San Diego

The Best Military Defense Attorneys

All criminal charges are serious. If you are facing a charge or an investigation for the first time, it may overwhelm you to no end. Each word you say can impact your case, and in all probability, negatively. The best thing to do is to find legal counsel and ask a military lawyer immediately.

We also help with an appeal if you used another lawyer for a trial, and the case went wrong. There aren’t many lawyers focusing their practice on military appeals. However, we have a proven track record of winning on appeal, including cases being overturned.

What makes us different is the time and attention we’ll give you around the clock. Whether you hire us after you receive notification of the due date for your response, the day before the court date, or immediately after you have received notification of an investigation, we’ll do everything possible to offer the best service.

San Diego Navy Attorney has the best military defense lawyers representing military members accused of any violation of the UCMJ. Whether it’s drug use or military rape allegation, or just about any other UCMJ offense, we have the experience to aid you.

We encourage you to contact San Diego Navy Attorney to know how our military lawyer can help if you are facing disciplinary action within the military. We have the right, experienced military attorney for you.

We protect military service personnel rights across all ranks, in all branches of the armed forces. Our attorneys have extensive military and trial expertise, experience, and a strong commitment to safeguarding military personnel’s rights during trials and investigations.

Navy Lawyer: We are always here to help you. Our attorney team has fought and won some of the most infamous court-martial victories in the past few years.

Army Lawyer: Our military lawyer team has a proven record of unbeatable victories at nearly every major military post in the world. You have to come to the right place if you’re looking for an Army court-martial lawyer.

Air Force Lawyer: Our attorneys have served as USAF JAGS and know about the Air Force’s justice system secrets.

Marine Lawyer: We have the best military lawyer San Diego for marines facing a court-martial. The United States Marine Corps has a long history of military justice abuse. We will fight hard for you.




Air Force

Civilian Military Defense Lawyer

A civilian military defense lawyer is necessary for securing a proper defense in a court-martial. They have an inside perspective on how military court-martials work, in addition to knowing how military law is formed. You cannot ignore the insight that an attorney with civilian military experience will bring to a case.

San Diego Navy Attorney has a team of dedicated lawyers who will genuinely care about your case and its outcome on your future as a member of the USAF. We have clients all over our country and overseas. We know that the know-how, experience, and compassion our lawyers offer is unparalleled.

JAG Vs. Civilian Lawyer

When facing allegations under the UCMJ, the most crucial point you should focus on is the JAG defense counsels’ experience level. They are usually randomly detailed to handle a case. They are also prohibited from being detailed to represent you until there is a complete investigation against you, and you have an offense charge.

If you are a suspect, it is reasonable to feel overwhelmed, under-represented, and alienated by your own command.

What makes matters more complex is that you will not get an active duty detailed military defense counsel to back you with the support and advice that a civilian military defense lawyer can bring.

Investigation results and the ensuing court-martial or adverse administrative action can be a life-changing event that will affect your life, career, and family. Therefore, to get the best possible result for your case, it is imperative and critical to select a seasoned and experienced civilian military defense lawyer.

They can correctly protect your legal rights at every phase of the case. Your aim must be to ensure that the charges are reduced to a minor and inconsequential incident in your military career to salvage it.

All court-martials are a potential risk for your military career. While most services make it impossible for you to have a lawyer at a Summary Court Martial, it doesn’t imply that you should proceed for the hearing without receiving independent counsel and advice from a civilian military lawyer beforehand.

You have every right to hire and be represented by an attorney of your choosing under UCMJ and military regulations.

All cases have weaknesses, either in facts or in law, which your attorney can challenge and defend. Many military cases are rarely examined thoroughly. A civilian military defense lawyer will do their investigation. They aim to uncover and discover any weaknesses in the government’s case when defending you.

The affordable civilian military lawyer team at San Diego Navy Attorney will work with you at every step of the case evaluation and pre-trial preparation.

The goal is to dismiss, reduce, or prepare the most impactful defense possible for the charges after the investigation.

As your civilian military lawyer, we will offer the required advice and options to make an informed selection regarding the case.

Call us for an initial consultation to know more about our law firm or if you want our service right away for your military defense case.

Civilian Military Defense Attorney in San Diego

Military Attorneys

Court Martial Navy Attorney

San Diego Navy Attorney is a highly regarded military law firm. Our military attorney team comprises ex-service members and military attorney JAG who have gained knowledge in the field.

This makes our military lawyers uniquely qualified to communicate with you and present your case in military courts. You’ll have access to the best military attorney team with in-depth knowledge about UCMJ due to time spent in the JAG Corps.

A court-martial is a grave matter for any service member. A sentence can result in fines, jail time, and other punishments, in addition to ending your military career.

Dishonorable charges and criminal convictions can also harm other areas in your life, including the ability to get a job or secure housing. San Diego Navy Attorney will protect your rights at every stage and ensure fair treatment for you.

Military Attorney in San Diego

When to Consult a Military Attorney?

You should consult a military lawyer as soon as you get to know that you may be under criminal investigation. Until charges are preferred against you, the military will not often assign you a JAG.

This implies that you may not have legal representation while being questioned or investigated, which is crucial during the investigative procedure.

A military defense attorney can intervene to negotiate alternative dispositions before you are criminally charged. Hiring a competent military lawyer can send across the right signals to the government prosecutors that you will aggressively fight the charges.

Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to hire a knowledgeable and experienced military lawyer during the investigation phase.

Military Attorneys

We Have the Best Military Attorneys

Our lawyers have handled hundreds of military cases for every branch of service. They have extensive experience related to military defense and international martial law. We have the most experienced military attorney team, who have defended the civil liberties of service members from the beginning of their careers.

We won’t wait for the charges against you to be preferred. Instead, we’ll work with you as soon as you are being investigated. Our lawyer will collect the facts surrounding your case, give the correct advice regarding your right to refuse a reply to any investigator’s questions, and develop an aggressive defensive strategy for your court-martial.

The military lawyer will cross-examine the witnesses and challenge the command chain whenever required. We’ll fight for the best possible result. Our defense attorneys also take special pride in supporting and defending the rights of minorities that serve our country. The persistent effort to fight systematic racism with the USAF is central to the protection of civil liberties.

Don’t wait to be assigned JAG representation when investigation against you begins. Consult a military attorney at San Diego Navy Attorney to get a jump start on your defense.

Our lawyers have handled hundreds of military cases for every branch of service. They have extensive experience related to military defense and international martial law. We have the most experienced military attorney team, who have defended the civil liberties of service members from the beginning of their careers.

We won’t wait for the charges against you to be preferred. Instead, we’ll work with you as soon as you are being investigated. Our lawyer will collect the facts surrounding your case, give the correct advice regarding your right to refuse a reply to any investigator’s questions, and develop an aggressive defensive strategy for your court-martial.

The military lawyer will cross-examine the witnesses and challenge the command chain whenever required. We’ll fight for the best possible result. Our defense attorneys also take special pride in supporting and defending the rights of minorities that serve our country. The persistent effort to fight systematic racism with the USAF is central to the protection of civil liberties.

Don’t wait to be assigned JAG representation when investigation against you begins. Consult a military attorney at San Diego Navy Attorney to get a jump start on your defense.

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Military Attorney Costs

Often, a service member, who is a defendant or accused in a military criminal trial or facing a court-martial, balks at the thought of enlisting a military criminal defense attorney. Their foremost concern is how much does a military defense lawyer cost. They feel that a civilian military defense layer would have a high consultation fee, which they cannot afford to pay.

Court-Martial Appeals in San Diego California

The truth is that every single military personnel, from Chief of Staff to E-1 can afford a civilian military defense attorney.

When a service member states that they can’t afford a civilian military legal representative, they don’t want to shell out the money to pay the fees. It is the truth.

When you face dire consequences, the cost to your career and life is much more than thinking, “how much does a military defense lawyer cost.” The impact of military legal action can follow you for life, and you may end up spending thousands or even millions of dollars.

If you are discharged or convicted, you will lose your income, job, and even future employment opportunities. In some cases, the condemned can also be stripped of the veteran’s retirement benefits.

A service member also feels that since they are entitled to a military attorney for free, who is appointed by the government, what is the need to hire a civilian military attorney?

It’s generally seen that a military-appointed attorney could be someone fresh out of law school, with minimal litigation experience.

Your free government attorney lawyer may not have the time or interest to give you the best military defense possible.

Military lawyers and JAGs are usually understaffed and overworked. Moreover, the military lawyer assigned to you may be fighting many other cases simultaneously. They may not have adequate energy or drive to commit to your case individually. You are just a case in a sea of similar cases for them.

Using a free, government JAG attorney could be a costly proposition in the long term. A military trial is not a fair fight. The government does everything possible for investigating, prosecuting, and finding you guilty. It implies that you have a reasonable chance of losing everything you have worked so hard to accomplish.

Civilian Military Defense Attorney in San Diego

The military lawyers at San Diego Navy Attorney understand what is on the line for service members facing a court martial.

Our legal team comprises members who have prior experience serving as JAG Corps before they became civilian lawyers.

Our military attorney team has experienced both sides of a court martial – the defense and the prosecution.

We understand the military, understand the law, and we’ll use our combined experience and expertise to put up an aggressive defense for you.

We offer reasonable legal fees for clients, so you don’t have to worry about how much does a military defense lawyer cost incessantly.

Call us to ask for a military lawyer free consultation.

Navy Defense Lawyer in San Diego

San Diego Navy Attorney is a law firm that comprises experienced military justice lawyers who started their careers as JAGs and have spent decades representing navy members. Each of us is highly qualified as a navy defense lawyer. Our team has military law experts who have experience with special victims’ counsel on high profile cases, while in uniform.

We fiercely defend every case that we undertake and garner immense respect in this field. We have numerous successes in administrative actions and won countless fully litigated and tremendously complex navy court-martial cases. In addition to our high win rate, we are dedicated to your interests. Our navy defense attorney team will fight an unjust system with our know-how and skill related to military justice.


We don’t take any allegation of violation of the UCMJ lightly. A prosecution, whether by court-martial or Article 15, has a long-lasting and severe effect. Military court conviction is a federal conviction that is a punishment to live with the rest of your life. Employers don’t take it kindly or look past it, especially in the present-day cut-throat and competitive job market.

San Diego Navy Attorney has been handling numerous high-profile, navy court-martial cases for decades, including complex drug cases, aggravated assault, burglary, high dollar fraud, kidnapping, conspiracy, war crimes, arson, manslaughter, attempted murder, murder, and much more. Our navy legal services also include navy legal divorce cases.

We have handled countless unpublicized navy court-martial cases that were the most critical event in our client’s lives. We are the most proficient navy legal San Diego services because of our long experience dealing with navy court-martial cases combined with a tremendous knowledge of the law and the perfect execution in the courtroom. It’s the best blend of talent and expertise that makes us the best navy court-martial attorneys.


You’ll find the best navy defense lawyer at San Diego Navy Attorney, whether your case is complex or small. Your assigned military defense lawyer could have too many cases or maybe on good terms with the prosecutors to truly put up a case in your best interest.

We have worked with service members already serving jail time, who wished they had called and hired us at the right time. Many choose to be content with a free JAG attorney provided by the government at the time of the investigation. They feel that there is no need to pay for civilian military attorney services when they already have access to a free, appointed attorney. This could turn out to be costly in the long run.

A court-martial is a critical matter that can potentially break your life as you know it, with severe consequences. Hence, at no point should you ignore the crucial role a civilian military lawyer can play in your life. Contact us now so that we can help you at the earliest. Our able and experienced navy attorney will fight for the best possible outcome for you.

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Administrative Separation

Is Administrative Discharge Bad?

A military career can prematurely come to an end because of disciplinary issues. Administrative separation is one such way. It occurs when your command wants to involuntary separate you through a non-judicial regulatory process.

An administrative separation can be a grave situation, like a civilian getting fired from a job, however, with more administrative steps. It can occur due to several reasons that include poor duty performance, non-performance of duties, weight control issues, insubordination, drug abuse, or a pattern of misconduct.

How Do I Know It's for Me?

An involuntary administrative separation is referred to as administrative discharge. It’s not something to be taken lightly.

It’ll end your military career and also limit access to military benefits. It can also have an adverse repercussion on your chances of getting hired in civilian jobs or getting admitted to college.

If your command is seeking to separate you as an officer, they will send a notification in writing and state the reason for the separation, and it’s recommended characterization.

How Long Does It Affect You?

The characterization is based on your duty performance and conduct as a service member. Administrative separation has three characterizations: Honorable, General Under Honorable Conditions, and Under Other than Honorable Conditions.

Honorable: They are given to military personnel who meet or exceed the required standards of personal conduct and duty performance during their tour or tours of duty.

Many service members who get discharge before their current mission or tour ends, due to the inability to perform assigned responsibilities, because of physical or mental reasons, also get honorable discharges.

They are given administrative separation for medical reasons. Service members who receive an Honorable Discharge are usually eligible for all the benefits that veterans get.

Honorable Conditions

General Under Honorable Conditions: Though this type of discharge has the word honorable associated with it, it’s quite a step down from an Honorable Discharge. It is given when an officer’s performance of duty or conduct is less than satisfactory.

Often, service members who receive this characterization have engaged in minor misdeed or received non-judicial punishment under Article 15 of the UCMJ. Though some recipients of such a discharge remain eligible for military benefits such as VA home loans, VA dental and medical services, they’ll not get educational benefits under the GI Bill.

Under Other than Honorable Conditions: This is the worst category under administrative separation. It can be compared to being just one notch above being court-martialed.

A recipient of such a discharge is usually accused of drug use, violent behavior, or very unsatisfactory performance of duties. Under such a discharge, an officer can lose all the benefits provided to military personnel.

They’ll also be barred from joining into any other component of the military in the future.

Life After Administrative Separation

A non-honorable discharge can have unofficial repercussions as there is a stigma attached to it. The recipient may find it challenging to find new employment or get accepted in some graduate schools or colleges. It may impact a recipient’s whole life and career.

Civilian Military Lawyer Help

You can seek a civilian military lawyer’s help if you face involuntary administrative separation or discharge, or are making an appeal for a past discharge action.

San Diego Navy Attorney has experienced and talented lawyers who’ll help you fight the case and bring the best possible outcome. Contact us now if you want a skilled lawyer to argue on your behalf.


Administrative Separation Board

Military administrative separation happens when your military career comes to a premature end for various reasons. Your commander will initiate such a procedure of separating you involuntarily from service through an administrative process.

In simple, civilian terms, administrative separation means getting fired from your job. The administrative separation board will then recommend the characterization of your service. An expert lawyer from San Diego Navy Attorney can defend you and save your career if there are unfavorable chances of navy separation board.


The Navy Administrative Separation Board Process is an adversarial one, with opening and closing arguments, and cross-examination of witnesses. It comprises three service members, usually two officers and a senior enlisted member. The board’s senior member serves as board president.

In most cases, the board members have many years of experience in serving the country. They treat their responsibility to reach the right result very seriously. If the board substantiates the misconduct, they also need to make a decision by the majority, to either retain or separate the person subjected.

The board must decide the separation characterization of service, which can be either Honorable, General Under Honorable, or Under Other than Honorable.

Some of the most common reasons for involuntary separation of a navy service member are allegations of adultery or inappropriate relationships, the substandard performance of duty or misconduct, driving while intoxicated, drug abuse, or other minor violations of the UCMJ.

The navy administrative separation board is your last chance to stay in the military. You must hire an experienced and aggressive civilian military lawyer when you receive notification about facing the administrative separation board.


The separation board will notify you of your rights at the very offset of the process. The written notification includes:

01. The proposed separation’s factual basis
02. The least favorable discharge you can face
03. The right to obtain copies of the forwarded documents in support of the proposed separation
04. The right to statements’ submission
05. The right to counsel
06. The right to an administrative board and a hearing to fight the separation, or the type of discharge sought

Call: (619) 639-4477

Board of Inquiry

A Military Board of Inquiry (BOI) is an administrative procedure that enables senior officers to examine substandard performance or misconduct accusations by other service members. The BOI can decide the consequences for those actions if it’s proven that the substandard performance or misconduct occurred.

The civilian military lawyer team at San Diego Navy Attorney can offer you the right representation and guidance if you are accused, as per the Board of Inquiry definition, and require navigation for your BOI hearing. We have years of experience and helped countless clients over the past few years.

Our attorney team’s background in military justice makes us experts in understanding the nuances of administrative hearings. We know how to help you best in overcoming your current situation.

Court Martial Navy Attorney

What Is a Board of Inquiry

A BOI comprises officers who are senior in grade to the service member who is the subject of the hearing. Each side forwards evidence in this hearing.

A military lawyer or recorder represents the government and puts forward the case against the respondent.

As a respondent, you have the right to select a military defense attorney and a civilian military defense attorney to defend your side of the case and fight for your military career.

The BOI votes whether the substandard performance or misconduct accusations are valid, once the hearing takes place. If the board decides that the accusations are substantiated, they’ll offer their recommendations to the commander.

These recommendations are related to whether the respondent should be discharged, and on what terms that discharge should occur.

Based on the decision, you can face an administrative separation and discharge from your service with an Other Than Honorable status.

Suppose you have received notification for being under investigation or facing a BOI. In that case, you need to enlist an experienced civilian military defense lawyer who is an expert on the military officer Board of Inquiry cases.

Military Attorney in San Diego

San Diego Navy Attorney

It’s crucial to have a talented and experienced civilian military defense lawyer to help build your defense case.

The team of lawyers at San Diego Navy Attorney has the best skills to advocate on your behalf. We have vast experience with BOI at the highest levels. If your career is on the line, we will present an aggressive defense for your BOI’s best possible outcome.

Usually, the respondents tend to wait and see what happens after being summoned for a BOI, which is a grave mistake. A BOI is an adversarial procedure. They are not on your team.

Our civilian military defense attorneys understand the seriousness of these boards. They will help prevent your lack of legal counsel from leading to your separation from your military service.

During the Board of Inquiry, you are entitled to present proof rebutting the reasons for the adverse separation action.

You are also allowed to put forward evidence of excellent service to the nation, duty performance, and military character. We know how to use this information to influence the BOI outcome.

Give us a call to let us help you.

Court Martial Appeal Attorney


Court Martial Appeal Attorney in San Diego

San Diego Navy Attorney has successfully helped hundreds of clients with their military appeals. If a court-martial leads to a conviction, then you should immediately call a court martial appeal attorney. A civilian court martial appeal lawyer is the only bet you have to fight off a court-martial conviction.

The armed force has among the most favorable appellate court systems in the US. Each case ending with a definite minimal amount of punishment can be automatically reviewed on appeal to test legal issues and re-examine whether the person was proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

We work collaboratively as a team in preparation for our appeals from the start to the end.

Our court martial appeal attorney will prepare a comprehensive review of the whole case and reduce it to a perfect brief for the appellate court. We’ll go through all the pages of the trial’s transcribed record and the related documents used during the trial.

Every issue that we’ll rise to the appellate court will come out of the trial’s actual recording. In rare cases, we’ll help you bring new evidence unknown to the court’s attention at the time of the trial.


Military Appeal Process

Military appeals have two levels. The appeal court for the particular branch of service that the case was decided in is the first level. In this level, the court hears all eligible cases resulting in convictions in that branch of service.

The court must figure out whether the evidence supports the guilt of a person beyond a reasonable doubt. They also have to decide if the trial had legal issues and whether those are crucial enough to result in any relief and a new trial.

The Court of Appeals for the Armed Services is the second level of appeals. It comprises civilian judges selected by the president.

They consider cases with really unique legal issues. This court only takes about 35 cases every year.


Reasons to Hire a Court Martial Appeals Attorney

Military appeals are the last chance a service member has to overturn their case and restore their rights. They may take several months, if not years, from the actual date of conviction. The government transcribes the trial and presents it to the convening authority within 120 days after the conviction.

The appeal window opens after the transcript is complete, and the convening body acts on the court martial conviction. We work on setting ourselves apart from other civilian lawyers and military attorneys by understanding the issues of our client’s case before the appeal window opens.

Subsequently, we conduct the investigative steps that are suitable under the circumstances. Though rare, we’ve also had successfully fought cases where we were enlisted for an appeal to have the military judge reopen trial to address factual or legal issues from the case.

Our court martial attorney team has had some fantastic victories over the past few decades. Call us now to get the best court martial appeals attorney San Diego to help you out with your case.

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Court Martial Appeals


Court Martial Appeals Attorney in San Diego

If a military service member, who is a defendant, is found guilty, following their courts martial, they have the right to court martial appeals to seek an altered sentence or a new trial.

In such a situation, some probabilities can arise, depending on that specific case:

01. An inappropriate sentence for the crime committed
02. A mistake or error made by the military judge
03. Insufficient evident to warrant a conviction
04. Unreasonable multiplication of charges subjected to the defendant
05. Wrongdoing or error happened in the dismissal of a panel member/jury

If you are a defendant and were convicted or know your sentence is too severe for the offense committed, you should contact a military criminal defense lawyer. San Diego Navy Attorney takes on military cases throughout the country. We have an extensive military background and in-depth know-how about martial law. Our legal team has what it takes to back your interests effectively.


What Is The Appeals Process?

Every military service in the US, including navy, airforce, army, marines, has a Court of Criminal Appeals. It can correct any legal error it finds and decrease what it thinks to be an excessive sentence. However, this court cannot alter a not guilty verdict to a guilty verdict. Neither can they increase the sentence that was initially given after the court martial.

Every Court of Criminal Appeals may review court martial that have led to sentences that range from the confinement of one year or more, dishonorable discharge, or death penalty. The United States Supreme Court or the United States Court of Appeals can also conduct individual court martial appeals, depending upon a specific situation.


San Diego Navy Attorney

Our experienced court martial appeals lawyer team knows what happens after court martial and how things can go wrong. Many military cases ended severely for the defendants due to various abuses, missteps, or errors by judges or prosecutors. Irrespective of the court martial offense you are convicted for, we can assist in seeking out the errors or mistakes that led to unfair judgment.

Launching a military appeals process can be an emotionally trying procedure, not to mention expensive, we’ll ensure it’s not wasted. Our lawyer will provide you with consistent, thorough, and aggressive representation. We’ll review all details for your trial record to find out if there is a base for a successful appeal. Our team will also advise you honestly if no ground is found. We’ll research and brief you with all merit issues. The legal team at our firm will take the petition to the appropriate appellate courts for relief. You’ll be kept informed about the progress of your case at each point. We’ll put up an aggressive argument in court.

If you are a soldier, marine, seaman, or airman convicted in a military court, it’s natural to feel cornered with seemingly nowhere left to go. San Diego Navy Attorney will help you to the best of our ability to reduce your sentence or overturn your conviction.

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Court-Martial in San Diego

A military court-martial is a criminal trial arranged by the United States Military for violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. A court-martial’s purpose is to determine whether a service member accused of committing a military crime is guilty.

Such military trials are used by all branches of the United States Armed Forces to prosecute service members who have committed a crime. Any criminal offense committed by military personnel falls under the jurisdiction of military court-martials.

Court-Martial Process

A court-martial’s basic structure is similar to the criminal trials that take place in civilian courts. A military trial typically consists of a court reporter, bailiff, defense attorney, prosecutor, jury, and judge. It usually takes place in a courtroom.

However, it can also be conducted in other locations such as deployed environments, garrison, prisons, and tents. Each team is represented by an attorney.

There are a full presentation and cross-examination of arguments and motion practice, testimony, and evidence.

The government tries to prove that the convicted service member committed a crime under the military laws found in the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The crimes that face court-martial include failure to obey an order, dereliction of duty, desertion, absent without leave, adultery, larceny, possession of child pornography, sexual assault, distribution of controlled substance, and murder among others.

Court-Martial Punishment

The court-martial punishment depends on the seriousness of the crime and the type of court-martial. Penalties may include discharge from military service, jail time, loss of rank, and pay.

Usually, the prosecution will seek confinement and a discharge from the military. Service members facing a military trial are more concerned with the threat of imprisonment over any other punishment.

There are three types of court martial, each of which has a different duration for jail time.

Summary Court Martial: The service member found guilty could be sentenced to a maximum of 30 days in jail.

Special Court Martial: The service member found guilty could be sentenced to a maximum of one year in jail.

General Court Martial: The service member found guilty could be sentenced jail time according to the UCMJ limit for that particular crime.

For instance, if the conviction was for the wrongful possession of marijuana, they’ll get a maximum of two years in jail while a murder convict carries the possibility of a life term in prison.

The above is, however, the maximum punishment that a convict can get. A service member pronounced guilty can get far less punishment.

It all depends on the crime impact on the victim and the mission, your service record, potential to become a law-abiding citizen again, and your civilian military defense lawyer.

If you have a skilled and experienced legal representative, your chances of winning a court martial are better.

San Diego Navy Attorney

A court-martial is a gravely serious matter and can have dire consequences if you are a military service member who is convicted.

Our military law firm comprises of an aggressive and hard-working legal team that’ll assist you in getting the best possible outcome if you are facing a court-martial.

Call us now to schedule a consultation.

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Military Lawyer in San Diego


Military dereliction of duty is a severe offense that can have grave consequences, especially during war. So if you are, or someone you know is, accused and preparing for a court-martial of duty, then immediately reach out to the experience and talented top-quality lawyers at San Diego Navy Attorney.

We are an aggressive military law firm that would be happy to assist whether you are being investigated, facing a court martial, or seeking an appeal. We have a reputation of having won some of the most complicated cases in military law history.


All military personnel is required to perform assigned duties and follow law orders. Failing to do so is a crime under UCMJ and known as a dereliction of duty. It can also apply to military personnel who have incapacitated themselves so that they cannot perform their duties, such as shooting oneself, drinking on duty, or falling asleep on duty, among others.

UCMJ’s Article 92 addresses the dereliction of duty. It applies to any military personnel who:

01. Is found violating or failing to obey any lawful general regulation or order
02. Has information about any other legal order issued by an armed force member, which is their duty to follow but fails to do so
03. Is derelict in the performance of their duties

The prosecution will try their best to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that:

01. The accused should have known or knew their duties
02. The accused was derelict in their duties due to inefficiency or negligence without a just cause.

The prosecution could attempt to show the existence of the duties through a custom of the service, standard operating procedure, lawful order, regulation, statute, or treaty. They could also prove that the accused person knew these duties through customs of the service, a testimony of the accused’s peers, academic literature, operating manuals, training, or regulations.

If you are accused of dereliction of duty, your military defense lawyer at San Diego Navy Attorney will seek to prove one or all of the following facts to defend you:

01. You didn’t know the duties
02. There is no reason to believe you should have known of the duties
03. You didn’t willfully or negligently fail to perform your duties
04. Your failure to complete your task was a result of ineptitude

The dereliction of duty punishment differs based on the situation and whether it was committed during a time of war. During wartime, a death penalty is a maximum punishment allowed. If the nation is not engaged in war, then confinement for a year, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, or dishonorable discharge is the maximum punishment.

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Military Internet Crimes

San Diego Navy Attorney is a military law firm with a legal team with years of combined experience in successfully helping military service members through the most critical periods of their careers and life.

Our military criminal defense lawyers have experience defending the rights of accused parties in command investigations, inquiry hearings, and other procedural hearings brought about by the United States Military.

Navy Internet Crimes

Cyber crimes are among the most common crimes in the US, as well as in the military. A crime is interchangeably referred to as a computer, cyber, or internet crime when criminals act through computer networks.

The term computer doesn’t only refer to desktop computers but also includes personal laptops, personal networks, tablets, government networks, government computers, mobile phones, and even external memory devices. Hence a cybercrime includes crimes committed through any of these mediums.

Military internet crimes can be severely complicated because of their vast possibilities. They generally involve thorough investigations from various organizations. If military personnel is accused and charged, then they can face grave consequences.

What Are Military Computer, Cyber, or Internet Crimes?

These crimes can include hacking, espionage, child pornography, cyber sexual assault, and theft crimes.

Service members who are accused of committing military internet crimes may face both criminal and command investigations. It can lead to federal criminal convictions, demotion, dishonorable discharge or dismissal, court martial, and criminal penalties such as steep fines, jail time, and other disastrous consequences.

Military computer crimes typically involve thorough investigations from multiple organizations, and accused military personnel face severe consequences if charged.

Any military personnel who has been accused of committing a cybercrime should immediately seek a military defense lawyer’s advice to avoid imminent disaster in terms of possible conviction and their military career.

Military Internet Crimes Defense Attorney

It can be tough to adequately defend against computer cyber crimes accusations in a military investigation.

They require a military lawyer that knows specialized and technical defenses. A military attorney will be familiar with the offenses and have the expertise to build up a case against the government’s evidence.

If you face internet crime charges, you need a military criminal attorney who has detailed knowledge about updated laws regarding internet crimes.

Not contacting a lawyer at the right time can jeopardize not only your career but also your life and freedom.

The lawyers at San Diego Navy Attorney are equipped to help servicemen and women not only for military internet crimes but also military larceny, military sex offenses, military murder, military obstruction of justice, military solicitation, and other military crime. We’ll explore every possible strategy to decide what is best for you and your unique case.

San Diego Navy Attorney has the expertise in handling these cases and will work hard to represent your best interests. We are committed to protect your rights and ensure that all avenues for success are fully explored.

Contact a court martial attorney from our legal team to learn more.

Military Orders Violations


San Diego Navy Attorney is the best military law firm with a vast range of practice areas, including military orders violations. Our aggressive defense stand, hard work, and experience will give you the right backing no matter what type of allegation you are facing. We handle any military case from correction of military orders, appeals, administrative actions, Article 15s to court martials. Look no further if you are in troubled waters.

It can be extremely frightening to hear your first sergeant or commander say that you’re getting court martialed. It’s natural to feel that everyone is against you, and in most cases, this is the truth. When there is UCMJ action against a service member, it is usually a well-organized campaign that is meant to bring the person down.

Our military law firm represents members of all branches of service at the Military appellate courts, including the Court of Appeal for the Armed Forces, Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals, Coast Guard Court of Criminal Appeals, Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals, and Army Court of Criminal Appeals. We have expertise at all post-trial processing levels, including appeals to the CAAF, appeals to the Service Courts, and clemency.

We take up grave, severe, and complicated cases that range from military pandering and military property crimes to military rape and military restraining order to military sexual assault of a child and military sodomy.


Military personnel must obey the lawful regulations and orders issued to them. There can be severe consequences if a service member fails to follow an army order. Your future in the military will end if you are convicted of military orders violation. It’s crucial to comprehend when you can get military charges before a court martial for not obeying a regulation or law. Contact San Diego Navy Attorney immediately if you find yourself on the receiving end of a military order disobeying charge.


It’s a crime to disobey a lawful military order or regulation under Article 92 of the UCMJ. If you fail to follow or intentionally violate a law, it’ll be considered that you violate Article 92. This implies you can be guilty under Article 92 for a negligent or an intentional act. Article 92 has two separate sections. The first concerns a general order or regulation violation. The second concerns violations of other rules and regulations.

There are penalties charges for failure to obey an order that can range from dishonorable or bad conduct discharge to forfeiture of pay and allowance to confinement, depending on the gravity of the violation of the military law.

If you have an Article 92 charge for military orders violations, contact our extremely able military defense lawyers. Your future as a military service member depends on the choices and decisions you make today. Call San Diego Navy Attorney to schedule an initial consultation. We’ll answer all your questions regarding the seriousness of the charges against you.

Military Sexual Assault

Military Attorney in San Diego


The laws for military sexual assault cases have become harder now, more than ever. They make it tough for an accused to get a fair trial. Nowadays, there is an unprecedented focus on sexual allegations in the armed forces. The intense media, political pressure, and military sexual assault support groups have made the military more aggressive toward the prosecution of sexual assault cases. This new approach makes it critically important for a service member to get an immensely successful and experienced military sexual assault lawyer.

Court Martial Navy Attorney


In the present time, the law of military sexual assault is stacked against defendants. If you are a defendant, you must prove your innocence rather than the prosecution having to prove your guilt. The focus of proof has moved to the defendant from the government. This is the message that the government wants to relay to the jury. The situation has changed so that it’s easier for the government to get convictions. The changes in law imply a grave threat to even innocent defendants, especially when combined with misinformation doled out during training sessions.

It’s even more exasperating when the military sexual assault accusation is based on another person’s word. These types of accusations, too, are taken gravely by the military. There was a time when the military would or wouldn’t have prosecuted such cases, but now there is always a prosecution based solely on the alleged victim’s word. There is no more middle ground; it’s either everything or nothing.

The only way to fight such a case is to enlist an extremely talented military sexual assault lawyer. It can all come down to the military sexual assault response team that you have hired. Sexual assault charges based on the alleged victim’s words can either be easily won or lost by your military lawyer.

Every accused is appointed a military attorney by the government, who are selected at random and may or may not be fully invested in your case. They could also not be adequately experienced or have the technical know-how to efficiently demonstrate that there are inconsistencies in the accuser’s story.

Consequently, such a defense counsel may not have the expertise to put forward a credible motive for the accuser to fabricate the offense. Sometimes difficulties can crop up when the accuser has an honest but mistaken notion about the events leading up to the sexual act. There could also be an error in the military sexual assault degrees that the accused has been charged.

Court-Martial Appeals in San Diego California


The able military lawyers at our firm have the perfect combination of talent, experience, expertise, and technical know-how. We’ll help you by providing a strong argument on your behalf.

Our principle is not to minimize the gravity of the situation. Instead, we’ll be demonstrating that you are a unique victim of a mistaken or false allegation. We work toward attaining a balance between the military’s changing culture and the rhetoric required to get a full acquittal.

The win record for our military legal team is phenomenal. Our team of military lawyers has been successfully defending sexual assault allegations for many years as JAGs and civilian defense lawyers. Call us to start a conversation.

Navy Court of Criminal Appeals


Navy service members accused of crimes or wrongdoing under the punitive articles of the UCMJ are required to participate in a military criminal trial called court-martial. Its purpose is to decide whether the accused navy service member is guilty.

Any criminal offense committed by navy personnel falls under the military court-martials jurisdiction. If a navy service member, who is a defendant, is found guilty, following their military trial, they have the right to court martial appeals to seek a different sentence or a new trial.

Every US military service in the US, including marines, army, navy, airforce, has its specific Court of Criminal Appeals. The Navy Court of Criminal Appeals, also known as Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals, handles the military appeal cases for navy personnel.

The Navy Court of Criminal Appeals can correct any legal error it finds with the case or decrease the accused’s sentence if deemed excessive. However, it cannot change a verdict for a defendant from not guilty to guilty. Neither can it increase the punishment for the defendant from what was initially given following the military trial.

The Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals will review the military trials that have given sentences such as jail time for one year, a dishonorable discharge, or penalty of death. Depending upon specific or complicated situations, the United States Court of Appeals or The United States Supreme Court can also conduct individual military trial appeals.


A review of all Special Courts Martial, Summary Courts Martial, will be done by a judge advocate, which doesn’t include one-year confinement or a punitive discharge, and cases where the appellate review has been waived.

The navy service’s JAG is the review authority in General Courts-Martial where the sentence does not include prison time for one year or more, a punitive discharge, or death. The JAG may elect to certify any case they review to the Navy Court of Criminal Appeals.

For navy personnel whose sentences included prison time for one year or more, a punitive discharge, or death, they will get automatic entitlement to an appellate review of their case by the Navy Court of Criminal Appeals.

After the Navy Court of Criminal Appeals does the review, the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces may elect to review any case. In case of a death penalty, the defendant gets an automatic review. The case is certified to the court by the navy JAG. The Court of Appeals Armed Forces reviews only questions of legal and law sufficiency.

Cases reviewed by the Court of Appeals Armed Forces may be considered for review by the Supreme Court of the United States.


There are various appellate reviews that one can pursue to defend a navy service member convicted at a military trial.

The type of appellate review is based on the adjudged sentence and the type of military trial. Navy service members are entitled to legal representation during all stages of the appellate review.

At San Diego Navy Attorney, our appellate practice is led by an experienced court martial appeal attorney team that will assist you with the best possible appeal outcome. Call us for a free court martial consultation.

Officer Separation Board


The civilian military lawyers at San Diego Navy Attorney have the skills and talent to represent military service members facing an officer separation board. Administrative separation is a grave matter for all service personnel, including officers.

Such an elimination can result in problems in getting employed in the future and obtaining veteran’s benefits, among other things. We can assist you if you are facing rejection by an officer separation board in any military branch.


Administrative separation is a procedure by which the military terminates an officer’s employment. Termination can be pursued because the service member engaged in misconduct or did not meet a particular requirement, among other things. In the case of misconduct, such type of a proceeding can be brought in place of a court martial.

Administrative separation can adversely affect officers as it does for other enlisted military personnel. Being separated can result in a discharge with an unfavorable characterization. Where officers are concerned, even the smallest indiscretion can result in administrative separation, because they are held to a higher conduct standard.

Officers facing a separation will be informed with an Administrative Separation Processing Notice. After they are put on notice, an officer can request a formal proceeding termed officer separation board or board of inquiry.

If you are an officer facing Administrative Separation, it is of utmost importance that you contact a civilian military lawyer to ensure that none of your rights are waived. San Diego Navy Attorney has a powerful legal team that will provide you the right backing and support to get the best outcome possible.

Civilian Military Defense Attorney in San Diego


Administrative Separation proceedings can be scheduled quickly. Hence, it would be best if you enlisted a civilian attorney as soon as you are notified because your legal representative will need time to put together a strong case.

The officer separation board will be made up of at least three military officers. It’s a lot like a court martial. You will face a military attorney and can present proof, take the stand, interrogate, and cross-examine witnesses. The board can then recommend separation or retention, as well as the character of any discharge. However, a specific branch is involved in making the final decision.

If a board is waived or not required, separation action should be completed within 15 working days of the officer receiving the notification of separation. However, the procedure can take 30 days if the initiating command and separation authority is not located in the same geographical area.

Military Lawyer in San Diego

Do Officers Get An Honorable Discharge?

An officer cannot get a dishonorable discharge through an administrative separation. You can be separated according to one of the following:

01. Honorable;
02. General (Under Honorable Conditions); or
03. Other than Honorable.


The civilian military law team at San Diego Navy Attorney will develop the best case for retention to keep your position. In case of an unlikely chance for retention, we’ll fight for the most favorable discharge possible. Call us to know how we can assist you in fighting for your rights.

Security Clearance Lawyer in San Diego

National Security Law is concerned with issues that involve homeland security, national defense, and federal intelligence. Military service members often need varying levels of security clearance to qualify for specific assignments and jobs. The security clearing process is complicated. It requires the completion of many questionnaires and forms.

San Diego Navy Attorney has an experienced security clearance lawyer team that’ll assist you to properly document your history so that you successfully obtain the required security clearance.

Obtaining Your Military Clearance

Military personnel may need to acquire a new clearance if they have a transfer to a separate branch’s base or detachment. Your accepted clearance level will be in tandem with your new position and duties. Specific assignments or tasks require a service member to have more access to top-secret and confidential information.

You will have to complete an SF-86 application with truthful and accurate information. If you don’t fill the form with accurate information about your history, including criminal records, you could endanger your future military security clearance and employment.

Our Security Clearance Board Will Help You

The military law team at San Diego Navy Attorney will assist you with your case right from clearance application, completing the SF-86, and final adjudication of the clearance.

Our lawyers have the necessary experience and background to help military personnel, irrespective of which Federal Agency is adjudicating your security clearance or the level of access or clearance concerned.

Our Work Starts Before You Submit the SF-86 Form

We’ll help you by engaging our services before you submit your Standard Form 86 (SF-86). Our team will see that there are no integrity issues and assist you in identifying probable trouble areas. Subsequently, we’ll resolve as many of those issues before the government starting its background check procedure.

You can save money, time, and lower the potential for denial compared to you filling the form and leaving room for errors because we’ll take the adequate proactive steps to help you with the form. With our services, you’ll have a better chance to navigate the adjudicative procedure adequately.

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